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Our Story

Welcoming to Killing the Angel magazine!

The inspiration of our title comes from a speech Virginia Woolf gave to the Women’s Service League titled “Professions for Women.” The league wanted Woolf to speak to an audience of women about her own professional experiences. In the speech, Woolf talked about the importance of battling a phantom when you’re a writer. She describes a time when she was writing a negative review of a novel written by a male author, and a beautiful angel crept up behind her and whispered how, as a woman, Woolf shouldn’t criticize the work of a man–that a woman’s job is to be sweet and supportive. Therefore, Woolf tells us, it’s our job as writers to “kill the angel” so that we may write truthfully and free ourselves from our writerly inhibitions.

Though Woolf’s story comes from a place of sexism and nonfiction, the message is applicable to all writers of all genres, and is the genesis of Killing the Angel magazine.