KTA Press

Killing the Angel Press publishes single titles.

Amazon customer reviews for KTA Press’s short story, “After the Ballet”:

“Thought provoking and so rich with possibility! It starts with ballet, but ends up being about life, hope, and family. I’m hoping for this story to blossom into a novel… so many questions about what paths each of the characters have taken to reach this point, and where their roads will lead!”

“‘Cutting encourages growth. Cutting is necessary,’ Helen thinks in this evocative story of two sisters who come to realize they must prune the branches of their old lives to make way for new growth and new possibilities. Helen is a ballerina who has just retired. Louise is the mother of two young children and a neglected wife. Both are seeking new purpose, and a trip to France to investigate the unexpected inheritance of a lavender farm gives them just the opportunity they need to reevaluate their lives.”



Available now on Amazon.

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